How To Avoid The Digital Traps Of The 21St Century

[Codango: I am still searching for Genius 0… the brilliant person that decided that power grids should be made accessible via the Internet…]

WorldEnergy.Org: Energy companies and water utilities must treat cyber risks as permanent and persistent risks to their entire enterprise, and develop an organisation-wide cyber strategy to ensure effective risk management.

Dr. Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council, explains how the hydropower industry can combat rising cyber threats.

The energy world is undergoing a grand transition driven by a combination of factors including the fast-paced development of new technologies and an unstoppable digital revolution.

Cyber threats and the impact of digitalisation on the future of the energy system, are among top issues keeping energy leaders awake at night in Europe and North America.

Increasing interconnection and digitisation…

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