Should We Be Teaching Our Kids How To Code?

Ellie O’Byrne: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of them all?

That’s the phrase that springs to mind, sitting in the kitchen with teen coder sisters Emily and Lucy Ray, as Lucy explains a smart mirror she built and programmed herself.

Working with two other girls in her Coder Dojo, Lucy, 15, built a mirror with an inbuilt computer display, and programmed a Raspberry Pi mini-computer to control it.

"You upload all your information to the Raspberry Pi from an SD card, with different links to what information you want to display," Lucy says.

"Then the HDMI cable connects to the display.

We made it display positive motivational messages, like ‘have your best day,’ or ‘you look beautiful,’ on the mirror.

It can show your calendar, or the weather forecast, and it can show news from a website too."

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